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Top Voters May

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Jet315, Jun 5, 2017.


Would you like Factions or Prison?

  1. Factions!

  2. Prison!

Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Jet315

    Jet315 Owner
    Staff Member

    • Owner
    Aug 2, 2015
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    Hello all,

    Top Voters

    Thank you to everyone who supported the server by voting in April. The Top Voters (quite a few this month :)) that will be receiving $15 off of the shop are:

    1. Kurfurst - 63 votes
    2. PortalExporer - 62 votes
    3. super_kitty_ - 62 votes
    4. Dog_Lover_8392- 62 votes
    5. Wixards - 62 votes
    6. Aws - 62 votes
    7. iHx - 62 votes


    Although it is unlikely to be Factions, I have added a poll where you may choose either Factions or Prison (to be our next gamemode). Currently a Prison spawn is already being built - However if Factions is wanted much more then we could try Factions again. The Factions server would last about 90 days before either resetting or changing back to Prison if it is a dead gamemode. The reason I am polling this is because in general (not only on PlanetMine) Prison is a low player count gamemode where as Factions is one of the highest, even with another Prison revamp I would only expect a few players on it during peak time.

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