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Staff Application Rules & Advice

Discussion in 'Staff Application' started by PurpleTurtle3000, Jun 5, 2016.

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  1. PurpleTurtle3000

    PurpleTurtle3000 Well-Known PlanetMiner!

    Minecraft account: PurpleTurtle3000
    • Contributor
    Aug 2, 2015
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    <+> Rules <+>
    The following rules apply to anyone who has applied or is considering applying for staff.
    • Do not ask about applications in game.
    • Do not mention your application in game. We will view it in time.
    • Do not mention that you have applied for staff in game. We will view it in time.
    • Do not mention that you would love to be staff in game.
    • Do not make more than one application, please just comment on the same application with any changes you make.
    • Do not apply if you are very new to the server and do not know the staff members and community.
    <+> Advice <+>
    We are looking for staff who:
    • Are mature
    • Are friendly
    • Are helpful
    • Are active
    • Know the rules of the server and don't enforce their own rules
    • Can take and respond to constructive criticism
    • Have competent English and good grammar
    • Play the server because they enjoy it, not because they want to be staff
    • Are not demanding of others
    • Can stay calm in difficult situations
    • Are able to settle arguments
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