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Survival Rules + Help

Discussion in 'Rules and In Game Help' started by Giraffidae, Jul 3, 2016.

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  1. Giraffidae

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    Minecraft account: KayGiraffeChild
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    Aug 3, 2015
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    Getting to the Wild:
    If you're not fond of simply walking, you may try /wild or /rtp. You could also very simply walk the 200 blocks away from spawn, however /warps are pretty helpful as well.

    To get to the warp menu, all you must do is /warp. There you can create your own, or visit player-made warps or server-made warps.
    To create your own, you must first click "My Warps", then the paper in the bottom right corner. If you wish to change it's publicity, simply shift-click your warp and view the GUI from there.
    You can click any icon that takes you to another person's warp. You also can simply type in a warp name and it will take you to that place. Ex: /warp example
    Some server-made warps include:
    /warp dungeon
    /warp nether
    /warp end
    /warp spawn (or just /spawn)

    Claiming Land:

    If you're new to survival, you'll be given a book that explains how to claim already, along with a provided link to videos on helping with land claims.
    If you're not new to survival and you'd like a refresher, read on with this section.
    When you do /kit protect, you're given a golden shovel. This is your tool to claim with.
    All claims must be at least 4 blocks wide in some way, otherwise the claim will not place.
    Click with the shovel in one corner. When that happens, a diamond block appears showing that you've started making a claim. Go into the opposite corner and click the block. You will be given the claim area (marked with gold blocks and redstone). If the claim does NOT work out, you either need to fix the claim size or keep from overlapping an existing claim (existing claims are marked by netherrack and redstone ore when you've overlapped).
    If you wish to resize a claim, click the corner you want to resize with the shovel and extend it outwards or inwards, depending on how you wish.
    Using a stick will show you what blocks are claimed and which ones aren't.
    /claimlist shows a list of all the claims you have and what positions they are, along with how big they are.

    Once you've made a claim, you can do /trust to trust your friends to it.
    There is also /containertrust, which allows people to access your inventory, beds and levers/buttons
    /permissiontrust allows a player to share their permissions with other players
    /accessstrust allows access to beds and levers/buttons
    /untrust removes all permissions players have to your claim
    Didn't set home to your claim? Try /claimlist! It shows the coordinates to your claim, allowing you to follow them back to your home. To view your coordinates, press F3.

    In-Game Ranks:

    The in-game ranks are purchasable in /spawn. Each rank comes with a kit that has a specific cooldown time, usually up to 10 days, give or take.
    Survivor - $20,000
    Adventurer - $100,000
    Hunter - $200,000
    Explorer - $400,000
    You must get these ranks in order.

    The two kits everyone gets to start out with are /kit protect (as explained) and /kit starter
    /kit protect has a cool down time of one (1) minute.
    /kit starter has a cool down time of about 10 minutes.

    The starter kit consists of a wooden sword, wooden pickaxe, leather armour, and 16 steak.
    As stated, the in-game ranks have their own kits. Depending on which rank you have, that's the kit you will get.

    Getting Money:
    The main ways to get money are by doing /vote (which if you use both vote links you can get $3000), by selling things, either to the NPCs at Spawn or making your own shop, and with /cf.
    CF stands for CoinFlip. When you type /cf, hovering over the little book gives you a brief description on what to do. Clicking the green glass allows you to create your own. Be weary, you can lose money just as fast as you make it on the /cf. It's very fun and can also be very frustrating.
    To make your own shop, fill a chest with plenty of the item you want to sell and place a sign on it structured like this:
    <Your Username>
    B <Price>
    <Name of Item>

    B 3000

    If for some reason your shop gets rejected because it's "set up incorrectly", you may need to look up the data values of the object you want to sell online and put that in place of the name of the item.

    To lock your doors/chests, shift click with a sign in your hand on either, and write [Private] on the sign.
    When you click the sign again, you've the opportunity to do /lockette. What this does it allows you to edit the sign so that more people can use the objects or maybe write what the chest could be filled with. Simply do
    /lockette <line number> <playername>
    /lockette <line number> <Message>


    These are basically fun little 'side-quests' in order to gain money or experience. You can find the NPC at spawn, or do /aach for more information.

    The Dungeon:
    The dungeon is a fun way to get some pretty rare goodies (spawners, elytras, other bosses, etc).
    When you do /warp dungeon, it takes you to a place outside of the map, where you can fight these difficult bosses. They are much more difficult than fighting the dragon or the wither. I do not recommend fighting these alone unless you are very skilled with pvp and have top quality gear.
    These bosses include: Harggoth the Spider Queen, Datar: Master of Undead, Rafur of the Void, and Kuula: Overlord of Evil.
    After you come back to /spawn there are Legendary and Ultimate crates in order to claim your goodies, however you only get the keys if you had dealt 10% or more Damage.

    Token Shop:

    There are also plenty of goodies on /token shop. These include the purchase of more claim blocks, player vaults*, spawners, miscellaneous perks (/echest, silk spawner, /repair)*, and bosses, all for specific prices of tokens. In order to see your token balance, simply do /tokens. You can also use boosters by doing /boosters.
    *When you buy one of these, you must relog or else it won't work.
    Important to note: Tokens are NOT tradable.

    Other FAQs/Information:

    Is PvP on?: No, pvp is off in survival.
    Can I grief?: This is prohibited. Unless it's a prebuilt structure and not a player-made one (or doesn't seem like it's inhabited by players), I advise you do not take any resources from it. This is a bannable offense and will easily be found out if needed.
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