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Skyblock Help

Discussion in 'Rules and In Game Help' started by Giraffidae, Apr 19, 2018.

  1. Giraffidae

    Giraffidae Sr. Moderator
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    Minecraft account: KayGiraffeChild
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    Aug 3, 2015
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    Rules Apply Server-wide!

    Island Basics:

    To obtain an island, either type /is or click on the Island Manager at spawn.

    /is opens the GUI, providing options for other things to view about your island.

    /is help provides commands that you can use while on your island, such as:

    >> /is go
    >> /is expel
    >> /is invite
    >> /is value
    >> /is coop
    >> /is settings
    >> /is teamchat


    /token shop opens up the shop that’s used for spending tokens you earn. Items/commands you buy from the token shop include: spawners, bosses, /fly, /repair, oregenerator upgrades, island upgrades, weather changes, and vaults, as well as a few other commands that are available for use.

    /warp shop or /spawn will take you to the NPC shops, where you can buy and sell blocks, food items, flowers, ores, etc.

    /ah is the Auction House, where you can put up a few items at a price of your choice. You can also access the AH by clicking the Auctioneer NPC at spawn. To sell items on the AH, hold the item in your hand and type /ah sell <price>

    Players may also have ChestShops set up on their islands, which they may advertise from time to time. A quick tutorial on setting one up can be found on either the Survival Help page or in game at Skyblock’s /spawn.


    Another way to make money would be with the two gambling commands.

    /cf opens the CoinFlip menu, where players make 50/50 bets. To place a bet, type /cf new <amount> <heads/tails>.

    /rps opens the Rock-Paper-Scissors menu. If a tie occurs, both players keep their money. To place a bet, type /rps new <amount> <rock/paper/scissors>.


    To access in-game ranks, either type /ranks or visit the Ranks NPC at spawn.

    In-game ranks are as follows:

    SkyWarrior ($75,000): Kit Warrior, 2x Warps, 5x Auction Listings

    SkyLegend ($700,000): Kit SkyLegend, 3x Warps, 6x Auction Listings, /warp end, Create Lifts (Up to 10 blocks)

    SkyGod ($2.5M): Kit SkyGod, 5x Warps, 7x Auction Listings, 4 Dragon Eggs, Create Lifts (Up to 25 blocks)

    Ore Generator:

    The ore generator is just like a cobble generator, with ore in addition to cobblestone. Just build a regular cobblestone generator (you can see how to build one at spawn if you don’t know how). To upgrade the ore gen, you have to level up your islands level. Ore gen only reaches a maximum level of four (2000 island level). To see what level your oregen is: /oregen.


    Challenges are a way one can make money and obtain cool things like spawn eggs. To access the challenges, type /c or open it in the island GUI menu (/is).


    Skyblock has a dungeon to fight bosses in. To get to the dungeon, simply type /warp dungeon. Forewarning: you need some pretty OP gear in order to fight these bosses. You are subject to lose your items if you die or if the boss disarms you. If a player picks up your items, they are NOT REQUIRED to return them to you, so please do not start a fight if LittleJohnny36* steals your precious enchanted diamond boots.

    Bosses are as follows:

    Spindra, the Queen of Spiders. (Difficulty: Hard).

    Dexer the Wolf. (Difficulty: Hard+).

    Zulra the Undead. (Difficulty: Legendary).

    Vetion of the Underworld. (Difficulty: Legendary+).

    These bosses give legendary or ultimate keys to players who deal at least 10% damage and earn a spot in the Top 5 killers. You’re able to win some very nice goodies!

    *LittleJohnny36 is not a real player.


    If you are away from your computer (or from Minecraft while you’re still playing), there is a possibility that you will get afk-removed. This means that you will be moved from wherever you were to spawn, even if you are trying to use an afk machine of any sort. They will not work as efficiently as you hope them to. You will also get half the amount of tokens when you are afk, so instead of receiving 10 tokens every 10 minutes, you will receive 5 tokens every 10 minutes.

    Other Commands:

    /pay <player> <amount> allows you to pay a player a certain amount of money.

    Ex: /pay LittleJohnny36 5000

    It will ask you to put in the command again to confirm that you want to send money to that player

    /tokens shows you how many tokens you have currently. You can also see them on the scoreboard.

    /boosters allows you to set a token booster. Donors receive these monthly, and sometimes they can be won from boss crates.

    /warp shows the list of commands involved with warping

    /fb toggle allows you to toggle the scoreboard on and off

    /trade allows you to trade money/items with other users

    /lock <line#> <player> allows you to lock a door or chest. You can also do this by shift-clicking on the chest or door with a sign.
    Ex: /lock 2 LittleJohnny36

    Still Have Questions?:

    If you’re still struggling with a problem, feel free to ask a staff member or other players that are familiar with skyblock! They will be happy to help!
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