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Creative Rules + Help

Discussion in 'Rules and In Game Help' started by Tech315, Jan 22, 2016.

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  1. Tech315

    Tech315 Owner
    Staff Member

    Minecraft account: Tech315
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    Jul 31, 2015
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    1) No hacking
    2) Respect all users
    3) Don't be rude
    4) Listen to staff
    5) Do not spam (this includes tp spamming)
    6) Do not create or join in arguments
    7) Do not give out people's personal information or any information said person would not want disclosed
    8) Do not pester staff with ideas or suggestions, post them here: http://www.planetmine.org/forums/index.php?categories/server-suggestions.23/
    9) Do not hackusate players, get a staff member to deal with them or report them on the forums with proof
    10) Do not impersonate staff
    11) Use common sense (any rules not stated here will fall under this one, so be wise and don't think you can do something because it's not here)
    12) Do not mention wanting staff or applying for staff in game - this is not bannable but will reduce your chances of getting staff massively
    13) Do not steal ideas from PlanetMine - Any single person, group of people, or server network found to have stolen ideas either directly from PlanetMine or indirectly will be banned without warning. All players associated with the perpetrating individual/group/server will also be banned without warning. Minecraft is an open platform, if you want to discuss using an idea, ask us.
    14) Do not grief
    15) Do not troll people or try to annoy them, whether this be in chat, with cosmetics etc.
    16) Do not use or spawn in illegal items
    17) Do not use Redstone to create Lag Machines

    Please note: These rules are subject to change at any time without warning. Common sense should also be used at all times. You may be warned, temporarily banned or permanently banned for any of the above or for any other reason we consider to be reasonable.

    Posted Below by @KayshiaGinger
    #1 Tech315, Jan 22, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2016
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  2. Giraffidae

    Giraffidae Sr. Moderator
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    Minecraft account: KayGiraffeChild
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    Aug 3, 2015
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    Auto Rank:
    The auto rank is how you rank up to builder, architect, etc. You don't get these ranks based off of how well your build is, but how much time you put into creative. These ranks are exclusive only to creative. A list of the ranks, required time, and reward for each:
    Builder: 12 hours - Ability to add people to your plot
    Builder+: 24 hours (1 day) - One extra plot for a total of two plots
    Architect: 48 hours (2 days) - Two extra plots for a total of three plots
    Architect+: 72 hours (3 days) - Three extra plots for a total of four plots
    You can only acquire up to four plots total through the rankup system. Up to 15 plots total can be attained through the Token Shop.

    You do not have to be on for 12 hours straight to complete builder's requirements.
    Same goes for the rest of these ranks.
    You are able to keep track of how long you have played by typing /ar time or /ar check

    Obtaining a Plot:
    If you're a new player, as soon as you join the creative server you are in a little area in which there's lots of foliage and a waterfall. Once you go through the waterfall you're teleported to a super-flat land and a text bubble appears in your face. This text bubble tells you to type /p auto and you'll be teleported to your very own plot.
    If you happen to find a plot on your own, whether it's out in the middle of no-where or next to your friends, then in this case stand in the plot you wish to own and type /p claim to claim it.

    World Edit:
    World edit is given to a player for one (1) hour when they /vote. When typing /vote, two links will pop up. Clicking one of them will take them to a voting website. They follow the procedure and are rewarded. Upon the reward, you can do one of two things to go further with world edit:​
    1. Go to your inventory and grab a wooden axe. This is your wand to use with world edit.​
    2. Type //wand in chat. It will give you the same tool as option one.​
    Keep in mind: As soon as you leave creative (whether you leave on your own, you get disconnected or you get kicked), you lose your world edit and will have to vote again.

    Players are able to use world edit on another person's plot if they are trusted to said plot.
    With the axe in hand, right click one corner to get your first position and left click in the corner diagonal to get your second position, so that you have your determined area to use world edit with.
    Plot Basics:
    Typing /plot will show the Plots Plugin help. The commands that are shown will show you different modes of help with your plot.
    There is a difference between /p add and /p trust. /p add allows players to build on someone's plot only when the owner of said plot is online. /p trust allows players to build on someone's plot even when the owner of the plot is offline.
    /plot deny * or /plot undeny * will deny/undeny everyone from a plot, save staff and the owner of the plot.
    Sometimes players have more than one plot. In this case type /p h <player> <2/3/4> or you can substitute the "h" with a "v".

    Spawn Eggs/Potions:
    These, unfortunately, were abused quite a bit. Spawn eggs were used to lag the server, while killer potions caused confusion between them and actual innocent potions. Therefore they are no longer obtainable nor usable.

    You can gain redstone access for up to four (4) hours when you do /vote. You'll be able to place redstone materials into your inventory, however you will not be able to use them unless you vote.
    Keep in mind: As soon as you leave creative (whether you leave on your own, you get disconnected or you get kicked), you lose your redstone access and will have to vote again.

    Doing /marry will post the Marriage Master help in chat, so be sure to do that when you have trouble with the marriage plugin

    Token Shop:
    The /token shop has a variety of things for creative. If you wish to know how many tokens you have, do /tokens. You can also put on a token booster by going into your /boosters menu, however typically only donator ranks have access to this. Some things included in the token shop: commands (/jump, /plot music), creative plots (you can own up to 15 in total), world edit (for five minutes, or for fifteen minutes), or furniture (a plugin where household or other decorative objects are made). Some may require you to relog (most likely for the commands for the plots).

    Other FAQs:
    How do I ignore someone who is harassing me in chat? The answer is to do /ignore <player> but if they continue to harass you or other players then it's best to report them on the forums (www.planetmine.org/forums).

    Can I roleplay on this server? You can indeed, that's the main reason the marriage plugin was implemented. Feel free to roleplay on yours or someone else's plot, so long as it stays fairly appropriate.

    How do I talk in plot chat? Type /p chat and only /p chat, this will enable or disable the plot chat while on yours or someone else's plot.
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