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Angel kit

Discussion in 'Kitpvp' started by RacingEcho, Nov 10, 2017.

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  1. RacingEcho

    RacingEcho PlanetMiner

    • Contributor
    Sep 8, 2017
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    Name of kit: Angel
    Armour: white Leggings boots & helment
    Weapons: knock back 2 and sharp 1 Stick
    Items: Elytra with unbreaking 10
    Any Potion effects such as constant speed 1 etc: Slowness 2 3 Regen Splash 2 healing potions
    Description of kit: Alway need to go slow and help everyone as an angel. Fly To help your teammates, or give yourself positive pots!

    Name of kit: Ninja 2.0
    Armour: All Black Leather
    Weapons: Iron Sword (Named Katana)
    Items: Nether Star
    Any Potion effects such as constant speed 1 etc: Click The Nether Star You Get Inv, Speed 2, And Health Boost for 15 seconds
    Description of kit: Be A Real Ninja! 1 Click and Your Fast, Strong, And Invable for 15 seconds! You Can Kill AnyOne with Your Trusty Katana!
  2. Aws

    Aws Administrator
    Staff Member

    Minecraft account: Aws
    • Administrator
    Aug 2, 2015
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    Please post using this thread: https://www.planetmine.org/forums/index.php?threads/kits.3681/ not using your own.

    Angel seems pretty useless as not many places that elytra would come in useful, plus having only what I presume is leather armour, the slowness 2 means they could be killed quite easily, but if they get away the regen 3 would just almost instantly heal them back up. Not exactly balanced.

    No point making a recreation of a same kit. Plus as said in the main thread we can't make custom abilities so having an item to give the speed 2 and health boost isn't possible.
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